Tuesday, July 22, 2008

PSP Hacked & Modified

Recently hacked my psp...but stil using the same firmware though.. 3.90 m33-3

-install screenshot plugin
-modified psp coldboot screen (from sony entertainment to asherapth's psp)
-modified psp gameboot (added Gear of War gameboot)
-modified wave in front of wallpaper

all these screenshot are taken by using the screenshot plugin...

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Screen Shot : Loco Roco

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Screen Shot : Game Menu

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Screen Shot : State Shift

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Screen Shot : Gear of War gameboot

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Screen Shot : PSP coldboot

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Screen Shot : Wave in front of wallpaper

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A sweet poem for a sweet gurl - Fatin Hana

I’m sure that I will always be,
A lonely number like root three

The three is all that’s good and right,
Why must my three keep out of sight

Beneath the vicious square root sign,
I wish instead I were a nine

For nine could thwart this evil trick,
With just some quick arithmetic

I know I’ll never see the sun,
As 1.7321

Such is my reality,
A sad irrationality

When hark!

What is this I see,
Another square root of a three

As quietly co-waltzing by,
Together now we multiply

To form a number we prefer,
Rejoicing as an integer

We break free from our mortal bonds.
With the wave of magic wands

Our square root signs become unglued,
Your love for me has been renewed

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cory Doctorow's Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Faber Family Retreat 2008 - 2

This will be the laz part....

After breakfast, we all went to the beach, brekfast at 730am..erk?wut about the volleyball match?hehehehe..the gurls canceled it coz they r still sleeping...so we all went to the beach, there is no1 playing voley there..so we thought that we cn still play it..i went to get the ball but its closed..opened at 900am..wtf..y so late?so we all gave up on playing the volley...next stop? the banana boat ride....

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From Left : Fiza, kak Aisyah, Kak Su-E, Yusma, Kak Ashi

huhu..diz is my 1st time riding a banana boat...lepas tulis name kt kaunter we all pon gear up!kne pki life jacket....pastu we all pon naik r mnde alah banana boat tuh....huhu..bez gak naik mnde alah tuh..dh smpai tgh2 laut tuh driver boat pon menterbalikn banana boat tuh.abis sme org jatuh berguling2 dlm laut yg dalam tuh....huhu..mmg thrill...floating in the midle of the sea....cuak tuh cuak r...tp abg driver tuh dh pesan..klo jatuh jgn pikir ape2...kosong jek...mmg betul pon abg tuh ckp...klo x nti kang pikir yg bukn2 xpasl2 panic tgh laut tuh..hehhehe..mase naik bot tuh yusma punye r takut.nasib baik die xpengsan jek..hehhehe.....byk kali gak r kitorng naik bot tuh....once, we all ride it n i wuz the only 1 who fell into the ocean....coz sepatutnyer sme jatuh tp diorg(those on the banana boat) balance balik so that xterguling...so aku sorng jek tercampak...tetibe driver boat tuh jerit "tuh mnde blakng mu tuh?tuh2.."sambil tunjuk kt dlm laut tuh...perghhh....aku dh pk mnde lain dah..dh r jauh lg aku kne swim bru leh naik banana boat tuh....for a second i was in panic n scared like hell...but i got a grip on my self n tell myself there is nothng there!..huhuhu..cuak2...leh plak driver tuh wat lawan antarabangsa time aku kt tgh2 laut tuh...ceh....

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Gear up before the ride

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All aboard!!

After the ride, we all juz berendam di dalam laut bermain2 ombak....waitn the time to check out at 12..so propabaly we stayed at the beach until 1130am..

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12noon- check out form the hotel....n we all back in kl....huhuhu....so much for my 1st Family Day with Faber..overall i have fun...n i become closer with them(healthtronics staff)....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Faber Family Retreat 2008 - 1

Erm sambung cite semalam….

We supposedly arrive at 3pm but we ended up arriving at 430pm. Trun je dr coach tuh everyone went to the checkpoint to check in. Luckily I was in the same room with Kamal n in the next room is Amirul n Mat. Owwhh…..forgot to mention...I got myself a steam iron from the lucky draw…ha3…just a steam iron…not bad I guess…

We arrived at Awana Kijal, it look like it’s gonna rain. Aduh…xdpt r main banana boat klo ujan…After checking in, aku ngn Kamal pon trase cm nk mndi laut..tetibe ujan plak..so terpakse r simpan jek hajat tuh..n then we thought that if we cant swim in the sea at least we can swim in the swimming pool...but I think that the resort management wont let us coz of the thunder..hehhee…nti kang sia2 je mati kne panah petir..so that evening we juz hangout in our room..but at 6pm the rain stop…

Its time..Autobots transform and roll out….aku ngn kamal pon menderum keluar dari bilik menuju ke lobby. Fiza, Yusma, Kak Ashi, Kak Aisyah, Amirul sme tgh tunggu kt lobby..We all juz want to explore the resort.

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Photo shoot before going to the beach
(from left: ntah,fiza,kak aisyah,kak su-e,kamal,yusma,amirul)

Lepas photo shoot tuh,kitorang pon bergerak ke destinasi.. Bile diorang nampak jek beach..sme berlari..well except me r…hehehehe…tgk..aku g pantai pon pki kasut..diorg dh memane ntah cmpak slipper n sandal diorng…

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After that we headed back to the main land..hahhaa…bile dh smpi darat, kak aisyah n amirul menyewa basikal untuk menjadi polis peronda di kawasan resort. The rest of us keep on walking. Tetibe Yusma berkate “Ei ade beach volley!Jom g tgk” so there we was watching a group of guys playing volley…”Jom kite main esok nk?” klo xsalah aku Fiza yg ajk…”erm!kul 6 kite trun main volley” answered me…Set!kul 6 esok kitorg main volley…..n that’s another story….back to the original story…while kak Aisyah n Amirul are bz patrolling the resort, we are thinking of something that we can play…n then we found 1! A giant snake and ladders..hahhaa..this could be fun…diz is how the giant snake and ladders looks like…..

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Thanks to our model of the day, Miss Fiza for showing us the giant snake and ladders.

Diorg amik gamba xtungu aku! Mentang2 aku g amik dadu..xpe..xpe…so we played the game until 1 of us wins!ok..Guess the winner…is it Kamal?Is it Yusma? Or is it Fiza?me? Hehehehe….padan mke korang!spe sruh xamik pic aku byk2.kan aku dh menang!hahahaha…while playing, we all have a surprise visits from Faber Group MD…we stop playing at 7pm coz we need to be prepared for tonight dinner. The theme was Tropikal! Since Im to lazy to buy anything to match the theme, I juz wear whatever I have…We got to be quick because the seat are on 1st come 1st serve basis…like always gurls always late..we the boys came early n find a spot..i it’s a very nice spot….near the food…hahhaha..n it’s the only table there…hehhehe…n mcm bese pic aku mst xde..erm ok r..continue esok plak....

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Tropical Night Dinner

Monday, July 07, 2008

Faber Family Retreat 2008 -Blast Off

Finally its today, Faber Family Day. It will be held in Awana Kijal Kemaman,Terengganu. So wake up at 630am to pack because i promise Kamal that i wait for him at 7am. Pagi tuh aku tumpang Kamal yg datang bersame mak n kakak die..They were rely nice people..Glad i know them..at 8am we arrive at Faber Towers, the gathering spot..Upon arriving, there's a lot of cars in the parking lot..its the Treasure Hunt contestant..The treasure hunt was open 4 those who went with their own vehicle...aku naik bus jek..so xdpt r masuk treasure hunt tuh...

Treasure Hunt Troopers b4 launch.

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3 Gurls mencari pasangan (frm left : kak Yusma, kak ashi, fiza)

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After the launch by Faber Group MD, its time to depart...the Treasure hunt troopers already departed but the bus departed an hour late...someone cleverly left his IC at home..nasib baik umah dekat..klo jauh mati r nk tunguu berejam bru bertolak...huhu..tgk dak nih..dh excited gile nk pegi Awana.........hehehe..ikuti sambunganyer.....

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Tired n Very Sleepy

I didnt sleep lasnite coz trying to complete the project for today presentation. So tired n sleepy...n the most dangerous thng of all is im driving whn im sleepy..this morning i doze a couple of time while driving....i cnt help it..im so sleeepy...luckily nothng bad happen to me but it rely scared d hell out of me...i try to drive faster so that i wont doze of to much but the same thng happen...so for precaution i drive slowly...even if i hit smthng it wudnt cost my my life...i hope so.....

But anyway, my hardwork pay off...the MD are pleased with my work n i have only 2do a few changes....hehehe...n tomorow ill b in Awana Kijal..yahoooooo!!!!yup2...my company will held a family day there....so..diz evnin im going straight to bed..hahaa....got to redeem my loz sleeping hour...hehehe....later whn i get back i post the pic...

no mood to do the changetoday...im in awana's mood..hahhahha..

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sweet Sweeney Todd

Got nothing to do laznite...arrive home at 730pm...fixed myself with some nasi goreng+telur mate+2 sausages..that shud be enuf 4 me..hehehe..open the tv..nothing good 2 watch since this season of Life has ended....So...searching 4 some dvd..but normal dvd..hehehe...a blue-Ray quality dvd..this shud be good....Sweeney Todd on Blue ray..hahahhaha...
Very2 clear n sharp image..i felt like crying when i see the quality....hehehe..32"+HDMI Dvd player...waaaa..so satisfied...the sound,the image,the satisfaction,the action....speechless and priceless....wonder wut wil happen if i watch it on real blue ray player...
"PS3 suddenly come to my mind"

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

1st 4 days

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Today is the 1st 4 days that i will b in Faber. Soo many things 2do in 4 days before going in with the company MD. Aduh....its my 1st time presentation n already i have to face the MD and his group of BOD...cuak2....eh?wait a sec! that supposed to be this friday story! back to the topic.

So like always arived 7am at the office (Faber Towers)...well i always arrives early at Healthtronics too!lepak2 sambil bekfes n tengok ari dari gelap jadi cerah..hmmm bez gak r....lebih kurang tgk sunset gak rasenye...tp yg ni dipangil sunrise..huhuhu.....

830am..mule menekan butng lif ke tingkt 10..thats where Faber Medi-Serve is and my new office for 4 days...4 ari lg aku akn ke tingkt 20 plak beradu tenaga menentang MD n his BOD..hahaha....

Takde bende yang bez pon kt sni except banyak kedai makan jek...Oleh kerana aku xkenal sesape kt sni trase r sunyi...aku kenal bape kerat jek....tu pon yg involved same dlm projek ni..tu jela kot yg aku nk merapu2 kt sni...