Monday, April 28, 2008


~ Its a very very small world after all...never in my life i been in a situation like diz rely struck me in the head..hahaha...and it also feel just like a typical malay movie...but without the sound effect and the dramatic act...last friday i had a chat with zai or kak zai as i addressed her...well its mainly about me becoz she worked at healthronics b4...n im the new guy...we talked and talked until the topic is about terengganu came out...
I lived there and she said that her fiance is 'org terengganu'...n i wuz like relly?
she couldn't remember the place but i told her that im staying in Geliga....n then i went home...owhh yeahh..forgot to mention that this event happen when im about to went back home....

N then it came to always im having breakfast alone...(wut do u expect?im new!) all of the sudden, kak zai came with her fiance to have breakfast too!n she said "Kenal tak?" n wooooo...shocked as was amir....a childhood fren of mine...same school same gang...n we even cycle to school together...Never had i imagine a situation like diz...i mean how small this world cud b?

guess whut?they r getting maried diz saturday..hope i cn make it....soo im taking diz chance to wish them ...

"Selamat Pengantin Baru"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Future Memory

People are always worried about something
They regret yesterday
Then worry about tomorrow
While they worry , time passes by
Today become yesterday
Tomorrow become today
But when u regret the sins you will commit tomorrow ,
Can u make up for them today?